The Grand Old Party Is Dead!

(Note: This article was written leading up to the Michigan general election for the governor’s seat and the Legislature in 2018. It predicted the outcome, which as we can see now was spot on. The GOP Legislature in Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states, including the United States Senate under Mitch McConnell have all proven to be corrupt, complicit, and out of touch with reality, all in support of a wannabe gangster and dictator, Donald J. Trump.)

Michigan’s primary election has trimmed the candidates for governor down to two nominees: Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, and Republican Bill Schutte. The crucial general election to decide who will sit in the governor’s seat is November 6, 2018.

But, even though Schutte and Bill Calley both ran in the primary, the Republican Party really does not have any candidates running for office. You see, if you look carefully, you will find it almost impossible to locate a traditional, dyed-in-the-wool Republican because there are not any. The party of Abe Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, or even Richard Nixon no longer exists, and that is a turning out to be a disaster for the country.

Right now, Congress is filled with pseudo-Republicans, imposters—people who won elections claiming to be Republicans—and many others are running for office this November. All have been endorsed by President Trump, and all of them fall far short of simple cordialities like respect, honesty, compassion, and kindness. Indeed, they don’t even attempt to hide behind a facade anymore. In fact, like the president, they are in your face flaunting their lack of compassion, honor, truth, and importantly, outright racism and bigotry.

The dying Republican Party has stocked itself with a dreadful and odious combination of thieves, sexual abusers, Nazis, unpatriotic conspirators, and liars; bold-faced liars who go beyond the accepted hyperbole Americans have come to expect from their politicians.

In Illinois, for example, a Nazi named Arthur Jones will be on the ballot running for a Congressional seat supposedly under the Republican orthodoxy. Of note, American soldiers gave their lives to defeat fascism in WWII. Jones, the Nazi, shamelessly said, “I snookered them (the voters).”

 Repulsive illustrations of this sort are rampant among the fake Republicans; there is the case of the infamous former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona.  Joe Arpaio, 86, had been criminally convicted for contempt for disobeying a judge’s lawful order to cease racial profiling and the mistreatment of prisoners in the county jail he supervised. Trump quickly pardoned Arpaio to allow him to run for a Senatorial seat in Arizona.

Shamefully, imaginary Republican candidates are trying to out-Trump Trump. In Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis is running for governor and has produced a ridiculous television commercial in which he teaches his own toddler how to build a wall using toy blocks. He tells her that doing so, “Will make America great again.”

Other former patriots include the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. He cleverly devised a scheme in which he purposely delayed a vote for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for almost a year, but as soon as Trump nominated a fringe right-wing candidate, McConnell primed the Senate to approve the nominee. Clearly, he stole Obama’s pick to suit his own tastes when the time was ripe. He is an overt and sinister thief.

And so, the choices in Michigan could not be clearer starting with Gretchen Whitmer for governor. There is a stark difference between her Democratic ideals and goals than those of any of the wannabee Republicans. While Whitmer intends to overturn the tax on pensions, help our schools, and provide affordable housing for the poor, she also has plans to repair our infrastructure, strengthen health care, support equal rights, and curb gun violence. Meanwhile, the near-dead Republican Party continues to embrace regressive tax policies, voter suppression, and further disabling the poorest.

Rest in peace, Grand Old Party. We rarely agreed on the issues, but we’ll miss your character, honor, and rectitude.

Published by ddandivine

Content Writer, editor, and longtime political progressive with opinions from the lens of a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and rabble-rouser.

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