What If?

So, the police in Atlanta are called to a Wendy’s restaurant to check on a man who is apparently sleep in his car. They administer a field sobriety test and learn that he has been drinking and is intoxicated, so one officer drives him home and gives his car keys to his wife; the other officer follows in the police car. They tell the wife they’ll come back tomorrow to educate the man on the dangers of driving under the influence.

But, this isn’t what happened.

The police shot and killed the man. because

They attempted to arrest him for drunk driving.

He was asleep in his car.

He didn’t have to die.

They shot him in the back and should be charged with murder!

Published by ddandivine

Content Writer, editor, and longtime political progressive with opinions from the lens of a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and rabble-rouser.

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