And Now, For His Next Trick…


Trump’s Tulsa crowd went wild after he proved he could drink a glass of water with 1 hand

President Trump’s comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, didn’t meet his campaign’s expectations in terms of crowd size. Perhaps it’s a sign of waning enthusiasm from his supporters or concerns about the still-spreading coronavirus. Efforts by TikTok users to register for seats and not show up seem to have played a role, as well. But the disappointing turnout didn’t prevent the commander-in-chief from receiving some uproarious applause during a typically-meandering speech.

Sure, Trump spent some time criticizing his Democratic presidential opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, complaining about protesters toppling statues across the country, and apparently joking about how he has urged officials to slow down coronavirus testing. But he also went on a lengthy tangent about his commencement speech at West Point last week, focusing on reports that he had difficulty drinking water after using two hands to do so.

Trump explained he was merely trying to avoid getting his expensive tie wet, and then pulled out a cup of water, drank it with one hand, and dramatically tossed the cup aside, causing the crowd to erupt as if it just witnessed a Game 7 walk-off home run. Tim O’DonnellAaron Rupar@atruparReplying to @atrupar

“I don’t want to get water on the tie” — Trump is now whining that people noticed that he seemed to have a hard time drinking water out of a glass at West Point last weekend. He then drinks water with one hand to prove he can do it.

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