People Are Talking….

By Tonya A. Christian—Essence Magazine

  • HARRISON IS ON ON TOP…..Jaime Harrison, a native South Carolinian, is mounting a historic campaign against Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Pollsters are forecasting a historic victory for Harrison and the Democratic Party, the first time a liberal Democrat has a real chance at a Senate seat there.
  • KAMALA HARRIS….. has introduced THE VOTE SAFE ACT OF 2020 which would set aside $5 billion to expand voting options, including early in-person voting and mail-in absentee ballots for every state. In the midst of a killer pandemic, Americans should not have to choose between their health and their right to vote.
  • A DIGITAL DINNER.…Alex Hill, a Brooklyn-based amateur chef, is bringing people together through social media. Last year the HBCU grad (she’s @justaddhotsauce_onIG) launched Cooking With Friends, also on IG. The site is chock full of tutorials on how to make tasty meals on a budget [Per Essence Magazine]
  • BIDEN FOR BLACK AMERICA….Months away from the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden has outlined a plan for Black America, which include equitable solutions to close racial gaps in healthcare, education, and environmental justice and wealth.
  • LET THIS SINK IN…..For more than 1/2 Million people living in America handwashing is a luxury and is not readily available., but activist Terrance Lester is making sure the nation’s homeless communities have access to portable sinks; he is staging popup sanitation stations in states from California to New York.

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Content Writer, editor, and longtime political progressive with opinions from the lens of a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and rabble-rouser.

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