I am Ahmaud Arbery, 60 Years Ago

White men can’t jump, but Black people can’t run (without being shot) Recently, Ahmaud Arbery was murdered in Brunswick, Georgia while innocently jogging in broad daylight; sixty year ago, I, too, encountered a similar experience involving racist white cops, probably like many other black and brown people in America. The difference is that, while IContinue reading “I am Ahmaud Arbery, 60 Years Ago”

I Really Don’t Like to Curse, But…

I don’t, I really don’t like to curse, but if we don’t elect Joe Biden president in November, I simply won’t be able to stop cursing so much. The current guy we have in the White House, in fairness, didn’t have much to do with me cursing earlier in my life, but has me cursingContinue reading “I Really Don’t Like to Curse, But…”

White People: Please, No More Laws!

The United States is a racist country, it always has been. Over time, a bunch of laws have been passed in attempts to rectify that truth, but they always fail. The reason they fail is that they are not meant to provide an equal and lasting footing for black people because they are simply windowContinue reading “White People: Please, No More Laws!”

The Grand Old Party Is Dead!

(Note: This article was written leading up to the Michigan general election for the governor’s seat and the Legislature in 2018. It predicted the outcome, which as we can see now was spot on. The GOP Legislature in Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states, including the United States Senate under Mitch McConnell have all proven toContinue reading “The Grand Old Party Is Dead!”

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