A Monument To Revisionist History: The Lost Cause

Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia, covered in graffiti from Black Lives Matter protesters. The Story Behind the Lee Statue in Richmond, Virginia It was built to help crush a biracial workers’ movement. by Peter Rachleff July 7, 2020313Print Since the May 25 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Robert E. Lee monument inContinue reading “A Monument To Revisionist History: The Lost Cause”

The Revisionism of the Lost Cause

As protesters in American and around the world proceed to remove Confederate statues and memorials, it is important to be reminded of how and why the lies about the Civil War prevailed and continue to this very day. The revisionist history constructed the narrative that gave racism and white supremacy the foundation on which itContinue reading “The Revisionism of the Lost Cause”

Trump’s Presidency: the 2nd lost cause

By Bob Cesca By now it should be obvious to anyone paying attention that Donald Trump is one of the most notorious revisionists of any modern president, routinely authoring his own myths, lies and tall tales to counter the brutal reality of his incompetence, malevolence and despotism. It started from Day One, with his easilyContinue reading “Trump’s Presidency: the 2nd lost cause”

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